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How an Executive MBA on weekends can reshape your career

For current day professionals, taking time off the work force and study full time, is not an option anymore. But people intent on studying parallelly while fulfilling the job obligations, Classroom MBA on weekend, may be the best solution.

Professionals join such weekend mba programs to upskill or gain additional qualifications. This helps them to get themselves upgraded in their career too.

Priya a storekeeper in a large pharma company, wanted to explore other functions in an organisation. Priya wanted to broaden her perspective on areas related to product development. The weekend classroom MBA greatly facilitated her typically being Sundays.

The MBA from Cardiff + pgpm, is designed to suit the requirement of a professional seeking a better job in Banking& Finance, Advanced marketing, Logistics and Manufacturing, Supply Chain dynamics , Business and Data Analytics , Human Capital Management . These are normally contemporary topics as assessed by the industry which are included in the Curriculum.

Priya was able to make a quantum leap in her abilities and showcased herself as Warehousing professional with deep insight into Analytics.

How a Classroom MBA on weekends can accelerate your career.

Kiran wanted to join a consulting company from his current engineering job. He joined Executive MBA and expressed his career ambitions to his mentor. The mentor swung into action, by mutually discussing the types of roles in consulting companies and periodically counselled Kiran on how to equip himself to make a career in Consulting. This valuable input changed the course of life for Kiran and he has occupied a SBU head in the consulting company, after enrolling into the Executive MBA program.

Executive MBA promotes peer learning

Learning from fellow students and colleagues without the fear of being evaluated as a beginner is the best benefit in the Executive MBA. One does not feel shy to have query, nor does one need to feel inferior when the communication is inadequate. The peer learning process helps interface well with other students and learn from them. Building up capabilities in business English is one of the key assets on Executive MBA.

Inculcating the sense of curiosity

The executive MBA + PGPM by UBS Cardiff Met is focussed on a inviting the industry leaders, and specialists in the field of expertise who share their experiences and create simulated learning process which helps the students adapt to contingencies. These are drawn from the best sectors and companies and also those who have been successful in their current assignments too.

It makes a lot of sense to enrol into an Executive MBA which is affordable and which is recognised and endorsed by the corporate

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